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Key Perspectives
 And Objectives


Financing Objectives And Strategies


The Science  Of Financing


The Business Of Financing


8-Weeks To Debt Elimination 


6 Figure Financing Formulas


The New Construction  Financing Secrets


The Art  Of Creative Financing

Simple Financing Secrets, Systems And Formulas
That You Can Do And That Actually Work!

​Many people are intimidated by the idea of purchasing or financing income properties because they think in terms of credit based financing.  

They don't realize that the rules that apply to Commercial Income Properties, are completely different from the rules that apply to Single Family Homes.
​There are many, but one of the most important ones is that most commercial Income Properties can qualify for financing based on their income and there are no personal loan guarantees or credit driven financing. This means that certain properties can qualify for financing based on their income and 90% of these loans are actually "Non-Recourse" loans.

This means that, some commercial properties are easier to acquire than Single Family Homes are. I know, its hard to believe right?

So rather than give you a 5 day course on the many aspects of commercial financing and investing, we put together a series of training lessons.

These lessons were selected from lessons learned form over 30 years of experience from over 300 plus transactions totaling over ​$600,000,000.

​In these lessons, we only include the most tested and proven strategies that work the best. These high quality strategies and secrets are being made available in our new Commercial Financing Academy "Master Class Training" Sessions exclusively as part of this site launch. ​

Our first Master Class session is "How To Structure A Six Figure Transaction"  from start to finish with no money, no credit, no borrowing, no partners and no personal liability.

In this class, you ​watch as an actual "Six Figure Transaction" is structured from start to finish step by step. Registration is very limited.

Once you learn this strategy, you will have a ​skill that will last a lifetime.

You simply need to register to gain access to this class. ​

What You'll  LEARN  In This First Master Class:

​1. The  Financing Perspective

​Learn how to relate and position yourself as a player in the game and make strategic moves based on the other players perspective.  An understanding of perspectives ​is essential to playing the financing game successfully.

​2. The Science Of Financing

Just as there is a science behind playing Chess, Poker, or any other game, there is a science behind the financing game. This lesson takes a deep dive approach into the science of financing. This is the key ingredient to structuring creative deals.

​3. The Business Of Financing

Business is nothing more than the process of profits and capital income. In financing, the business opportunities are numerous.

​You'll learn how to position yourself and your products for profit by following our simple blueprint.

​4. The Art Of Deal Structuring

In this lesson, we connect all the dots and begin the process of structuring deals like:

​Acquisition Profit Points, Arbitrage Structuring, Structuring Free Equity Deals, Creating Cash Flow Notes, Discount Profits, Two way Property Flips and much more. ​

5. 8 Week Debt Elimination

Use your training and make your first transaction one that matters. Let your first transaction be the transaction that will matter the most. Terminate all your debt first. 

​6. Six Figure Financing Formula

In this lesson, you will learn how to strategically and intentionally structure six figure transactions by simply making offers on commercial properties. The objective is for you to net at least $100,000 from these transactions.

​7. New Construction Financing Secrets

New for 2020
This course reveals how to tap into the Pre and New Construction market. In this market you will learn how to use a special license and gain access to new commercial properties nation wide in all sectors. Here you can finance large deals and purchase individual properties and portfolios. This training is consider to our most advance course.

​8. The Art Of Commercial Financing

In this course, you will learn several strategies and methods for purchasing and financing properties. You will learn how to flip the financing on commercial properties and how to structure and create residual income streams with cash flow notes. 

What Others Are Saying:

Lisa Euwings - CEO, 
Connected Women, LLC

"I was able to  get the financing for my for my non-profit after being rejected by 6 National Lenders.

This training made made my investing dream a reality. The training was very thorough and strategic.  I recommend this training to anyone looking to get commercial loans for themselves or their clients."

Roy Manning -CFO
CEO, Roy Manning Properties

“After purchasing over 40 properties, I thought I knew all there was to know.

Your training revealed opportunities and strategies I had no idea existed.

Thanks for  sharing those essential profit points that I never knew existed. This added a much needed profit point to my business."

Jamual Sheppard  
​Sheppard Enterprises,LLC

“I had taken seven single family home investing course and  4 commercial property investing courses over the years. I current own 14 properties. 

Your training is a completely different level.

Thanks for sharing your Income Property Investing process. This has proven to be the most valuable real estate training I have received in years."

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